SPYBOAT®: Aquatic drone on Pollutec

CT2MC is pleased to meet you on the International exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services - Pollutec 2014 will be held from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 5th 2014, at Lyon Eurexpo France. Make sure you stop by stand 123 HALL 4 – ALLEE: H: we look forward to seeing you there. Our two aquatic drone will be exhibited: SPYBOAT DUCK and SWAN.


Our SPYBOAT range comprises two types of drones:

-       SWAN : for lakes and rivers,

-       DUCK : for pipes and ponds.


Our technology is based on the utilisation of a steril over-hull to be installed on the SPYBOAT before each use avoiding sampling cross-contamination by the SPYBOAT.


Our drones are driven thanks to an intuitive tablet application. The drone can be controlled on two differents modes, manual thanks to the video and an automatic mode where the drone follows a pre-defined route.


The different applications of the SPYBOATs are :

-       Water sampling up to 5 liters,

-       Visual night and day inspections,

-       Bathymetry,

-       Physicochemical sensoring: temperature, pH, redox, conductivity, inductive conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity,

-       sediment sampling.


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